Erie, Pennsylvania’s Presque Isle State Park draws hundreds of tourists each year. At Matt Mead Photography, we know that it’s also the perfect location to capture the beauty of locals! If you’re looking for blossoming nature, natural sunlight, and unmatched Erie culture, this 3,200 acre peninsula is the ideal spot for your portraits.

Senior boy leans arm against tree at Presque Isle in Erie, PA

The Park


It is estimated that 11,000 years ago, Erie was blanketed by a giant sheet of ice. Although the sun now shines down on every one of our subjects, the resulting Lake Erie coastline remains a “cool” spot for photos! The same picturesque waves and gorgeous hiking trails that draw adventurers can be preserved in every shot.

Beyond its natural beauty, the isle also boasts historic monuments and architecture. The towering Presque Isle Lighthouse is adorned with original red brick and sits atop one of Erie’s rare rocky outcroppings. For a brighter backdrop, its sister lighthouse at the North Pier comes with a classic white finish and surrounding lake views.

For an unbeatable combination of the natural and the man-made, the Perry Monument is a must-stop. There’s about 101 reasons to visit this obelisk — one for each foot of its staggering beauty. The statue and the surrounding park, established in honor of the naval commander Oliver Hazard Perry, won’t make you choose between splashes of sunlight and intimate shade.

Family and Couple Photos


Stunning lighting opportunities are some of the best features of Presque Isle. Open every day of the year from 5 a.m. to sunset, early morning and evening shoots will provide atmospheric hues normally only achieved through a green screen!

We were so happy to capture the Fosters against the sparkling lake water and in the shaded seclusion of the woods. Check out their Presque Isle Family Portraits session!

Family sitting on the beach for Presque Isle family portraits
Laughing girl on the beach for Sweet Sixteen photos at Presque Isle State Park

Seniors and Individual Shots


For senior or individual portraits, this is also an excellent place to highlight your unique hobbies. There’s a reason that people come from far and wide to hike, swim, fish, boat, and bike! If you’re typically frequent the park to participate in your favorite activities, we want to capture you in your element.

For Kseniya’s Sweet Sixteen shoot, we were happy to accommodate a couple different outfit changes. Our stop at the lifeguard tower was perfect for her spunky jean jacket! Check out these Sweet Sixteen Photos at Presque Isle.

Presque Isle’s location on the water can lead to quickly variable weather. Don’t let this stop you from taking advantage of this gorgeous spot! We’ll always help you to monitor weather conditions to keep your session safe (and dry)! Your photoshoot can also be enhanced by wind blowing through your hair or moody, darker skies.

Portraits are truly focused on you, but a backdrop that accentuates your beauty and personality is a must! Presque Isle remains one of our favorite choices. Contact us today with any questions or to reserve your shoot.

Presque Isle State Park Portrait Sessions