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Portraits aren’t just for capturing a moment…they should tell a story.
Whether you are coming to us for a family session or epic senior portraits, nothing matters more than knowing the essence of your story comes through in these images.

Meet Matt & Teri Mead



Lead photographer and Studio Manager – together, we make up Matt Mead Photography LLC.

Matt is the face you’ll see the most often since he is the one behind the camera. Teri can be found deep in a spreadsheet or calendar, making sure the studio runs smoothly!

We’ve been a team for 15 years, and just when we think we know everything there is to know about each other, Matt will surprise Teri with some obscure musical knowledge. Speaking of music, we dare you to challenge Teri to some karaoke – that woman can sing (but you may have to get a glass of red wine in her first!)

We share our home with our furry roommates; if we are honest, they are the ones in charge around here, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

More about Matt

Fun fact 1: I started my photography career as an underwater photographer! Deep sea diving is one of my passions, and I am even a certified scuba instructor. We live within walking distance of Presque Isle Bay, so you know I have all the best spots for sunset water photos!

Fun Fact 2: Alton Brown likes my photography, and I have the screenshot to prove it! As a total foodie and huge fan of Good Eats, his endorsement is a career highlight for sure! 

More about Teri

Fun Fact 1: I have traveled to 11 countries (12, if you count a layover in Paris haha!), and I am always looking to add the next one to the list. I’d be hardpressed to pick a favorite location, but Italy will always be at the top of my list. It may be my Italian heritage, or maybe it’s their red wine…but I will always say “Ciao” to another visit!

Fun Fact 2: I am fluent in Spanish but can also speak passable Italian and a little French. Communication has always made me tick…which is why I take care of most of our studio communication and bookings!

A Few Of Our Favorite Things

(In no particular order)

Zoe – The Regal Beagle

She will always reign supreme in our hearts  (2008-2022)

Ziva Dogvid

This is her world; we just live here.

Traveling the World

We aren’t saying it’s a competition, but Matt has 13 countries stamped on his passport to Teri’s 11. So if you are up for a girl’s trip with Teri to an exotic location, she’s got some traveling to catch up on!

Fine Dining

While we love exploring new eats and kitchens worldwide, we also believe fine dining at home is where it’s at! From studying the art of cooking to learning everything we can about new techniques, meals at home together are one of our favorite things!

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