Tips for Great Senior Portraits

Getting ready for your Erie PA senior portraits session? Feeling nervous? Unsure what to do or expect? Here are a few steps you can take to make sure you are prepared to take the best photos! As your session day approaches, consider the following tips for great senior portraits:

Smiling girl sits in a tree on family farm

1. Wear What Feels Good


Everybody has a unique style.  However, your senior portraits session is not the best time to experiment with your personal style. Our first tip for great senior portraits: always wear what makes you feel good and, most imprtantly, what makes you feel comfortable. This way, you will end up feeling happiest and that will shine through in your photos. If you do not feel comfortable wearing a strapless dress, then don’t wear it. This is true for both guys and girls – be yourself and wear what you relate to, not necessarily what everyone else is wearing.

2. Don’t Shy Away from Color


Though we love this style of photography, gone are the days of plain black and white outfits. Our next tip for great senior portraits: Don’t be nervous about wearing color or adding some colorful accessories to an otherwise neutral outfit. If you are worried about going overboard, you can always wear a more solid colored outfit accented with printed scarves or jewelry to spruce it up and add some life.

Erie, PA girl walking on the beach carrying her sandals at Presque Isle

3. Don’t Plan Too Many Outfits


Your photo session is scheduled to last an hour up to an hour and a half. One of our most important tips for great senior portraits: Stick with only one or two outfits. Anything more than that will cut into the time we have together to take your photos. If you want to get more variety, consider bringing extra accessories or wear layers that can just make the outfit look different in different pictures.

4. Bring Some Props


What makes you who you are? Are you into sports? Do you have a a beloved pet? Our fourth tip for great senior portraits: Bring a prop that represents your favorite hobby.

Hats, jackets, sports equipment, your motorcycle, your dog,  or anything you feel tells the story of you. It will bring your pictures to life!


senior portrait of a girl wearing SCUBA gear getting ready to walk into Lake Erie
Boy in suit and sunglasses leans against statue for senior portraits in Erie, PA

5. Location, Location, Location


Worried because you don’t think you have a hobby that photographs well? Don’t worry: props are only optional. That leads to our next tip for great senior portraits: Find a location that fits your vision for the photos, or perhaps even has some personal significance to you.

For example, if you enjoy spending time outdoors at a local park, what better place to capture your senior photos than where you love to spend your spare time? Be creative and be purposeful when choosing your location. Every photographer has his or her own favorite spots, but selecting a location that reflects your personality and interests will just make your photos look more like, well, you.

6. Get Creative and HAVE FUN!!


Don’t be shy about incorporating what makes you unique into the photos. Whether it is a special location, how you dress, the sport you play, or your love of animals, we can capture exactly what makes you special.In reality, we can work with just about anything. Need inspiration for your upcoming senior photo session? Check out our portfolio of past session. If you have an idea about a particular location or props, get in touch us ahead of time to work out the details. We’ll do what we can to make it work.

Dancing girl Erie senior portraits