Senior Photos on Presque Isle with Abby

Thank goodness for changes to senior photos over the years! (For a really good time, go back and look through your parents’ yearbooks!) Seriously though, a peek into any high school yearbook within the last twenty years will show some pretty significant differences. Most notably, how much more personality seniors today can display during their sessions!

Girl walking on beach at Presque Isle State Park

Reflecting your style

Twenty years ago, print photography was the medium, rather than digital images.  Photographers took most portraits in an indoor studio.  Thankfully, digital photography has allowed photographers to transport our cameras and lighting almost anywhere.  What does this mean for your senior portraits?  No longer are you confined to a studio with traditional props and poses!  Now the world is your oyster! And these senior photos are now an opportunity to reflect you – your unique style and personality as you leave high school behind and enter adulthood. 

Girl dressed in dancer's outfit stands with arms stretch up in spotlight on stage

Enter Abby, Stage Right

The star of this session happens to be our niece and MM photography assistant, Abby Craig. So, naturally, we jumped on the opportunity to take her senior photos on a Presque Isle beach at sunset.  Ready to take on the big world, Abby embodies charisma and charm. 

Girl stands next to lake at sunset for senior photos on a Presque Isle Beach

Knowing she wanted to incorporate her love of theater and dance into her senior portraits made it all the more fun for us to photograph!  We love that senior portraits can take place anywhere, doing what you love. And our favorite thing is capturing images that best represent you! 

Laughing girl sits in theatre seats for senior portraits

Abby added flair to her photos with stage lighting, costume/wardrobe changes, and dance choreography.  Whenever we see that much talent and vision embodied in a young person, we feel hopeful for the future! 

Girl dancing on stage for senior photos in Erie PA

A stage's spotlight highlights a dancer in a full split with head tilted back

Beachy Vibes on Presque Isle

You can’t go to Presque Isle without grabbing some beachy outdoor photos too!  Sunset senior photos on a Presque Isle beach might just be our new favorite thing.  Casually clad in a t-shirt and shorts, Abby chose to add some fun to her senior photos and opted for photos with some of her favorite people: her mom and boyfriend.  We love Abby’s confident style!  Look out, world.  She’s coming for you!

Senior girl hugs her mom during photos on a Presque Isle beach in Erie PA\

High school boy and girl pose together next to Lake Erie on a Presque Isle beach at sunset

Ready to think outside the box?

Let’s make a plan to do something different – something uniquely youSend us a message.  We’d love to hear from you! It would be an honor to capture your passions, talents, and personality as you celebrate this momentous milestone in your life!