Senior Portraits in Erie, PA

As a portrait photographer, senior portraits in Erie PA are some of my favorite projects to work on, as they present the opportunity to work one-on-one with so many unique, talented students. Each Erie senior I’ve gotten to work with has brought so much to the table, and it is such a privilege to capture the light that shines so easily through them.

Erie, PA : a Great Location for Senior Portraits

Erie is full of beautiful locations that I love to visit with students. Seniors who have long lived in Erie always have so many fun memories to share at each stop. Our basic senior portrait package allows for up to an hour and a half of pictures, with two different venues. We’ve found that this is perfect for our senior clients, who will have plenty of time to execute every desired pose, smile, or wind-blown hair toss. Our flexibility in choosing multiple locations gives us even more ways to let the senior shine.

Uniquely You

Every client is different — that’s what makes our job so fun! We take the time to get to know every subject before we take any pictures. We really want to capture you: not just your face, but who you are. No request is too big or small. These pictures are all about highlighting who you are at this point in your life. We challenge you to bring your best style, your loudest laugh, or even to wear your lucky socks. Think about all the things that made senior year special. Scoring the winning goal? Dancing the night away at prom? Curling up with your favorite books after a long day at school? If you loved it, we’ll preserve it with the perfect pictures.


While some students are ready to be hired on as models by the time their senior photo shoot is over, we know that some clients are a little more camera-shy. Don’t let that stop you from getting high-quality captures of these big milestones! Remember: we’re all about making this personal to you. We’ll do everything we can to ensure your comfort and confidence.

There is no better way to commemorate the end of a chapter — and the start of a brand-new one! — than with professional, personal senior portraits. If you or your student is heading into senior year, contact us for more information on scheduling your senior portrait session in Erie, Pa. It would be an honor to work with you.


Silhouette of senior girl during sunset at Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA
Boy looks off in the distance while sitting on driftwood at a beach on Presque Isle in Erie PA
Young woman stands against graffiti railing for senior portraits in Erie, PA
Laughing girl swinging on a swing at her family's farm in Union City, PA
Boy in suit and sunglasses leans against statue for senior portraits in Erie, PA
Senior boy standing next to graffiti wall in downtown Erie PA
Girls wearing a plaid scarf stands next to a creek in Frontier Park senior portraits in Erie PA
Smiling senior boy sitting against a brick wall at Modern Tool Square in downtown Erie PA
Girl standing against tree at Wintergreen Gorge during the fall in Erie, PA
Close-up portrait of senior girl sitting on a swing
Girl stands next to graffiti walk during Erie senior portraits
Girl in floral print dress walks along Beach One for Sweet Sixteen photos at Presque Isle
Senior girl wades in Lake Erie at Presque Isle State Park
Boy in suit walks down the street for senior portraits in Erie, PA
Girl leans against farmhouse house in rustic senior portraits
senior portrait of a girl wearing SCUBA gear standing in front of Lake Erie
Senior boy in suit and tie walks in front of Bicentennial Tower on Dobbins Landing in Erie, PA
Girl in floral dress standing at life guard station on Presque Isle
Erie,PA Senior portrait of young man wearing baseball uniform and balancing a bat across his shoulders
Girl in gymnast leotard throws up powder at gym in Erie, PA
Girl laughs during hockey themed Erie senior portraits
Young woman leans against railing at Bicentennial Tower for senior portraits in Erie, PA
Girl wearing a hat plays with her scarg during senior portraits at Frontier Park in Erie, PA
Erie senior portraits of laughing girl holding leather jacket under 14th St. underpass
Senior girl wearing gymnast uniform adjusts her wrist braces at gym in Erie, PA
Dancing girl Erie senior portraits
Senior boy standing under 14th Street Underpass in Erie, PA
Girl standing on a beach at Presque Isle State Park
Erie PA boy looks at camera for senior portraits
Senior portrait of young man riding a motorcycle on Presque Isle in Erie, PA
Boy wearing suit stands next to column for senior portraits in Erie, PA
Smiling senior girl rests her arm against a tree at Wintergreen Gorge in Erie, PA
Senior boy leans arm against tree at Presque Isle in Erie, PA
Erie, PA boy smiles at camera for senior photos
Senior boy sits on drift wood at beach on Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA
Senior girl walks a path during the fall at Wintergreen Gorge in Erie, PA
Erie, PA girl walking on the beach carrying her sandals at Presque Isle


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