Kseniya’s Wintergreen Gorge Senior Photos

It feels like just yesterday we were helping Kseniya celebrate her sweet sixteen with a photo session at Presque Isle State Park. Suddenly, that sophomore is now a senior and will be heading to college in the fall. Before she goes off to change the world, we had the incredible opportunity to take her senior photos at Wintergreen Gorge.

Smiling girl leans against a tree at Wintergreen Gorge senior photo session

From Medals to Med-School

Kseniya will graduate from Collegiate Academy with a 5.0 GPA in the spring of 2021. She accomplished a lot in her high school years — outstanding grades, unbeatable gymnastics, and plenty of beautiful smiles that we got to capture during our session.

Teenage girl in gymnast uniform leans against gymnastics equipment

In the fall, she’ll start the pre-med track at Penn State-Behrend. Clearly, she has a bright future ahead of her. It’s been such a privilege helping her to celebrate the milestones of the present.

First Stop: Erie Gymnastics

We love capturing each student’s unique personality and passions during senior sessions, so stopping at Erie Gymnastics was a must. Kseniya has been studying and practicing for the past 10 years and currently competes as a level 9 gymnast. All of her hard work has paid big dividends. In 2019, Kseniya took 2nd Place at the Pennsylvania State Championships and ranked 13th  at the Pennsylvania Regional Championships as a Level 8 gymnast.

Female gymnast laying on the floor surrounded by her medals

Senior Photos at Wintergreen Gorge

The gorge is absolutely stunning during the fall, so we knew that this would be another great place to go with Kseniya. The mile-long trail is surrounded by natural wildlife and the occasional spotting of an adorable dog. Wintergreen Gorge is also a frequent location for scholarship activities completed by Penn State-Behrend students. This area may one day be the site of a school project, but today it was a beautiful backdrop.

Girl standing at overlook surrounded by autumn leaves in Wintergreen Gorge

Penn State-Behrend — Kseniya’s Future Home!

Finally, we explored the campus of Penn State-Behrend, It’s such a fun area, and it was very cool to be able to see Kseniya so easily fitting into her future home. The photos are filled with brick and the blues of the campus. At the rate time seems to fly, it won’t be long before Kseniya is in need of more senior photos! We wish her the best of luck with all of her future pursuits — we know that she’ll continue to be award-winning no matter what she goes for.

Smiling senior girl at Wintergreen Gorge in Erie, PA

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