Senior Photos at Lighthouse Beach and Bicentennial Tower with Jake Page

Jake Page will soon graduate from my alma mater, McDowell High School. So, it felt only fitting to take him to a couple of my favorite spots for his senior portraits. It is always such a privilege to help Erie students celebrate this milestone. Every senior brings so much personality and spunk to their shoot. Jake was no exception and I’m excited to share his senior photos at Lighhouse Beach and Bicentennial Tower with you.

Teenager walking through the woods during senior photos at Lighthouse Beach

The Next Page for Jake

The past year has certainly been odd for the class of 2021. For sports-lovers like Jake, cancellations of competitions and crowds limitations are especially hard to bear. Fortunately, sports are far from over for this senior. Jake plans on majoring in sports management, with the eventual plan of serving as an agent for athletes.

Smiling teenage boy at Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA

The future will likely take him to Penn State or Temple University but, for now, we headed to the Lighthouse at Presque Isle and the Bicentennial Tower!

Senior Photos at Lighthouse Beach

Presque Isle State Park is consistently one of our favorite spots for senior shoots. Although it’s very different from the baseball parks and stadiums of Jake’s aspirations, it does “sport” gorgeous lakeside views and unbeatable natural lighting.

Teenage boy leans against the fence surrounding the lighthouse at Lighthouse Beach on Presque Isle Sate Park

We made sure to stop at the historic lighthouse on the beach, taking advantage of the classic brick and rocky outcroppings.

Bicentennial Tower Senior Photos

We next stopped at Dobbins Landing for some pictures at the Bicentennial Tower. This mammoth observation tower was built in 1996 to celebrate Erie’s 200th anniversary. Peaking at 187 feet, it always feels like a perfect backdrop for our seniors, who are headed straight for the stars!

Teenage boy standing in front of the Bicentennial Tower in Erie, PA

While Jake considers leaving home behind for Philadelphia or State College, we hope that his photos at these iconic, local landmarks will always remind him of his Erie-based, teenage adventures.

Teen boy smiles during senior photos at Bicentennial Tower in Erie, PA

If you or a loved one is finishing their senior year, contact us today! We pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know every student and would love to help you celebrate this milestone. Professional portrait sessions can help you commemorate the present and get fully ready for your future. Students can use their portraits for professional pursuits, while Mom and Dad can hold tight to the stills even when the kids are moving up and out. Check out our portrait portfolio here — we hope to soon add you to it!