Connor Swyers’ Senior Photos in Downtown Erie

It’s senior photo season for the class of 2021! I always feel so fortunate when I get the opportunity to join in on the celebrations. Recently, I had the privilege of meeting Connor Swyer. Connor will be graduating soon from Northwestern High School. Before he tosses his cap in the air, he made sure to pause for some senior photos in Downtown Erie. I’m so excited to share them with you now.

Young man standing in 14th Street underpass during senior photos in Downtown Erie

An Eye for Design

One of the best parts about senior photo sessions is getting to know each student and their passions. After learning about Connor’s future hopes of a career in graphic design, I knew we had to check out some of Erie’s more modern, edgy, and artistic areas. Although these stops lacked the digital element graphic design, we hoped that capturing Connor on my camera’s screen would be a fair compromise.

Boy leaning against bridge railing for senior photos at Frontier Park in Erie , PA

These venues truly allowed Connor to showcase his personality, while still remaining the star. To us, that’s what senior portraits are all about — commemorating the present while keeping an eye on the future!

Two Spots for Senior Photos in Downtown Erie

Modern Tool Square

Our first stop was the Modern Tool Square. A staple of downtown Erie, this atmospheric complex offers 40,000 square feet of rustic architectural design and beautiful natural lighting. Towering trees and classic brick make for compelling but subtle backdrops. It’s one of our favorite areas to photograph, and clients like Connor make it even better!

Young man smiling while sitting next to ivy covered brick wall at Modern Tooll Square during senior photos in Downtown Erie

14th Street Railroad Underpass

The 14th Street railroad underpass was a unique addition to our session, but it added tons of unbeatable personality. The urban feel of the area, in contrast to ModernTool Square, appealed to both me and Connor. To him, for his appreciation of art and expression, and to me for my love of a good photo op!

Boy leaning against graffiti filled wall for senior photos in Downtown Erie

Final Stop: Frontier Park

Finally, we made our way to Frontier Park. Located just a few miles from Lake Erie, the park is always filled with gorgeous natural sounds and views. The presence of plants varies by the season, but are consistently stunning and perfect for establishing a portrait’s setting.

Young man crouches down in Cascade Creek for senior portraits at Frontier Park in Erie, PA

Young man smiles while standing on path at Frontier Park in Erie, PA

Do you have a big occasion coming up? Whether you’re graduating, celebrating a milestone, or looking to add to your professional portfolio, we’re here to capture the best you. We love getting to know and serve the people of Erie and its surrounding areas — we can guarantee there will be smiles on both sides of the camera! Contact us today to book your session and get professional preservation of life’s most joyous moments.