Rock Your Erie, PA Senior Photo Session in 4 Easy Steps

Senior Portrait Season is once again upon us! There is always a flurry of preparation associated with senior sessions, but we are here to tell you that a great portrait session doesn’t have to be complicated! You can check out our complete guide to effortless Senior Portraits, but just for fun, we have put together a BuzzFeed-style post (read: short and sweet with lots of photo inspo!) to help you make the most of your session in four easy steps! 

Be Yourself

Yeah, yeah, I know you have heard it all before…but really, there is no one like you, so your photos should show that! Be Silly! Dance if you wanna! Swing into your session with flair…

Dancing girl Erie senior portraits

Laughing girl swinging on a swing at her family's farm in Union City, PA

Or don’t…it’s really up to you. Are you feeling a more formal vibe? Then rock your Blue Steele smolder! 

Senior boy standing under 14th Street Underpass in Erie, PA

Are you a high school athlete? Show off your skills and maybe even your letterman jacket. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, so celebrate it during your senior portrait session! 

Senior photo of boy in hockey gear on the ice

Teenage girl in gymnast uniform leans against gymnastics equipment

Props Can Be Cool

These aren’t your mom’s high school senior photos! Don’t get us wrong, we are all for bringing along a prop if that’s your thing, but we promise there won’t be any cheesy poses showing it off. 

Girl, wearing white graduation cap, looks over her shoulder and smiles for Presque Isle senior portraits 

But great photos props don’t have to be small – have a favorite set of wheels getting you around town for your senior year? Why not include them in your session! 

Young man sitting on the ground next to his car at Presque Isle state Park in Erie PA

We may be biased, but we think furry friends make the very best photo ops! We know firsthand that sometimes the only thing getting you through a long study sesh is a cuddle session with your bestie. They totally deserve some photos, too, for a job well done! 

HIgh school senior petting his dog on the beach for Presque Isle senior portraits

Dressed to Kill… 

Your senior photo session, that is! The number one concern we hear voiced by our senior portrait clients is “what should I wear?” and our answer is pretty simple – wear what feels good! If you feel uncomfortable, chances are your images will look stiff and, well…uncomfortable! 

Comfort, but make it colorful! Color is always a good idea – especially when it comes to personalizing your session! 

Girl in bright pink shirt smiles while standing against a graffiti wall

There is no wrong way to dress when it comes to your senior session. You can go more formal in a killer suit or keep it casual with your favorite jersey!

Teenage boy leans against the fence surrounding the lighthouse at Lighthouse Beach on Presque Isle Sate Park

Young man leans against a tree on the walking trails at Presque Isle State Park

Young man in a suit standing on the steps of the Erie Art Museum

For the ladies, dresses are a great way to add some movement to your images – especially when we get a light breeze coming across the lakes! 

Girl in floral print dress walks along Beach One for Sweet Sixteen photos at Presque Isle

Erie, PA Senior Photo Locations that Don’t Suck

Do you want something that makes you stand out in your senior session? Take a look at some of our favorite photo spots around Erie, PA; they are guaranteed not to suck! 

Presque Isle State Park 

Literally hundreds of different spots and photo ops all within minutes from each other. Want some city views across the water? You can have it! Is a session with the water your jam? We’ve got you! 

Boy looks off in the distance while sitting on driftwood at a beach on Presque Isle in Erie PA

Young lady walking thr trails at Presque Isle State Park

Laughing young man sits on the fence at entrance to Presque Isle Lighthouse in Erie PA

Senior girl wades in Lake Erie at Presque Isle State Park

Frontier Park 

Just a few miles from Lake Erie, this is a nature lover’s ideal location! Wander around the LEAF Arboretum, walk the banks of Cascade Creek or visit their gorgeous labyrinth feature – your choices are endless! 

Young man crouches down in Cascade Creek for senior portraits at Frontier Park in Erie, PA

Girls wearing a plaid scarf stands next to a creek in Frontier Park senior portraits in Erie PA

Girl laughing next to tree in Frontier Park in Erie, PA

Modern Tool Square 

Urban architecture that offers a uniquely Erie, Pa. vibe!  We love this location! You can’t go wrong with a session surrounded by lush ivy and beautiful brick architecture! 

Young man in suit leans against ivy covered white brick wall at Modern Tool Square

Smiling senior boy sitting against a brick wall at Modern Tool Square in downtown Erie PA

Downtown Erie, PA

Pop into your favorite coffee shop, or grab an ice cream cone from Straw Hat Sundae Shop and show off your favorite spots around your hometown! 

Teenage boy standing in front of the Bicentennial Tower in Erie, PA

Boy in suit and sunglasses leans against statue for senior portraits in Erie, PA

Senior boy walking down the street in Downtown Erie, PA

Personalize Your Senior Photo Session With Matt Mead Photography

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