Winter Frontier Park Family Portraits with the Chludzinskis

Winter, in all its splendor, always makes a beautiful backdrop for photographs, especially when you are in Erie, PA. I was lucky enough to be a part of this type of family portrait when I met and got to know Don, Jenn, and their daughter Hannah Chludzinski. This fun-loving couple wanted to take memorable, winter Frontier Park family portraits showing them enjoying life together.

Mother, father, and daughter hold hands during Frontier Park family portraits session

Mother,father and daughter embrace during family photos at Frontier Park in Erie, PA

A Chance Meeting with the Chludzinskis

I was photographing Amanda Scarpitti’s wedding when I met Jenn, one of Amanda’s bridesmaids. She later approached me to ask if I would be available to take her family portraits.

Jenn and her husband, Don, have been married for eight years. They met and fell in love online, while she lived in Canada and he lived in Erie, PA. When their lives became one, it took place at Niagara Falls. In the years since then, they have grown as a family and Hannah has become a part of it. Fate brought them together and I truly feel lucky to have met the two of them on a magical day for another couple.

Couple poses together during Frontier Park family portraits session

Father, daughter and mother laugh together during family portraits session in Frontier Park

Portrait of a young girl smiling in Frontier Park

Beautiful Frontier Park Family Portraits

When we do a winter session with a family, we strive to express their personality in the photographs that we take. The Chludzinskis were a lot of fun to get to know. We decided that their session would take place at Frontier Park because although it is splendid throughout the year; it is exceptionally magical in the winter. There are bridges, large trees, and so much more. These sights are awe-inspiring whether snow covered or in full bloom. The truth is, it also suited them as a family. The photos from that day express their peacefulness as a family, but allowed them to play together the way that they normally do. They spent quality time together, embracing nature, and it shines through in each picture they received from that day. I am delighted that I was able to preserve their day together as a family through my camera lens.

Family smiling together in Frontier Park

The Beauty of Family

Every family is unique. I have the pleasure and the opportunity to get to know the people. Then I help them create a treasured memory that they will have photographic keepsakes of.  Perhaps this is what makes the photos that we take for families so special.

MOther, father and child walking through Frontier Park while all holding hands

If you are hoping to take a special family portrait, we would love to become a part of your special day. We are always available to help you capture the moments with your loved ones. Simply contact us, to discuss pricing and package options and let us help you create your most captivating, winter-themed, family portrait.