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Jan 22, 2019

As an Erie, PA portrait photographer, I photograph special moments for people and help them create fantastic memories. However, very few have been as special as the ones that turn into a unique and fun tradition. One such family tradition began as a unique Christmas card idea. During a regular visit with our friends, Jaime and Stephen Witcoski, they told us that they wanted their Christmas card portraits to be truly special and unique. That night we hashed out their ideas over dinner. And so, the first Witcoski themed family portrait session was born. It has since become a tradition that we all look forward to.

Father, mother and two daughters walk in a field for outdoor winter family portraits in Ligonier, PA

Father, mpther and two daughters pose for an outdoor winter family portrait in Ligonier, PA

Two sisters pose and smile together in outdoor winter portrait in Ligonier, PA

A Time Remembered

Stephen and Jamie met, fell in love, and said, “I do” almost 15 years ago. Since their vows, two beautiful daughters, Adelynn and Elyse, have joined their family.  They are a typical All-American family in today’s world. They have busy schedules and millions of things to do. The first night we talked about the photos we could do for their upcoming holiday cards, we decided that a vintage style family portrait would be the perfect image for their family. We traveled back in time to the 50s and focused on the idea of a Norman Rockwell-like family. We were a little silly and portrayed them as the all-American family that they truly are. These cards were an absolute hit with their family and friends. They were so popular that now their friends and family eagerly anticipate their next Christmas card!

family gathers in front of fireplace for vintage family portraits session

A Themed Family Portrait Tradition

The Witcoskis had such a great time with their personalized Christmas cards that this holiday season we decided to go back in time again. Only this time we focused on recreating the Roaring Twenties for their cards. These themed family portraits were the bee’s knees! With these photos we reached new, creative heights for their personalized cards. We also managed to get a few giggles during the photo session and afterward, when everyone saw our creation.

1920s themed family portraits

1920s themed family portraits

1920s themed family portraits

1920s themed family portraits

In future years, we plan do something special for every Christmas holiday. Since Adelynn and Elyse are 11 and 9 years old respectively, we figure the tradition will both create special memories for the girls, while allowing family to watch how they grow up from one year to the next.

Set Your Own Tradition

As an Erie, PA family portrait photographer, I can help you turn special minutes into lasting memories. Together we can plan a themed family portrait session that will be fun to take and to share. These photos may include any theme and as many people as you want .

For more information about having one-of-a-kind family portraits, contact us to learn about our pricing and package options. I look forward to the opportunity to get to know you.

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