Erie PA Headshot Session | The Darker Side of Clark

Mar 19, 2017

A while back, my good friend, Clark, approached me about an idea he had for an Erie PA headshot session. He wanted to show the darker and more serious side of himself. On the surface, Clark is fun-loving and goofy. Inwardly, however, it’s a much different story. This might come as a surprise to some people who know him. But to me, it isn’t the least bit shocking. I was all in for this shoot and couldn’t wait to get him in front of my camera.

After our session, I gave Clark some teaser photos that he shared on his FB profile. Of course, there were some of his friends who had a hard time taking the photos seriously. Consequently, the jokes became quite a bit frustrating for Clark. Then, a mutual, close friend of ours put the situation into a new perspective. He equated it to when  Robin Williams first ventured away from his typical comedic role and played a serious character. At first we are all thinking, “WTF? This is Robin Williams! We want the goofy, Good Morning, Vietnam Robin Williams”.  However, as you watch the movie unfold you start to think, “Oh wow! Wow! WOW, this is great! Who knew?!?” That perfectly describes what this shoot was for me. It also doesn’t hurt that it included two of my most favorite things — bourbon and a fine cigar.

Now, I’ll let the images tell the story of the shoot:

portrait of man exhaling cigar smoke and about to sip whiskey for Erie PA headshot session Erie PA headshot session black and white portrait of man about to sip from a flask portrait of man exhaling cigar smoke in Erie PA headshot session portrait of man smoking a cigar in Erie PA headshot session From Erie PA headshot session, portrait of man exhaling cigar smoke getting ready to take a drink from a glass

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