Couple’s Portraits in Erie PA with Lacey and Lauren

Nov 20, 2018

My role in a couple’s journey is usually carried out by sharing their story through engagement and wedding photos. However, I recently had the opportunity to capture and celebrate a two year anniversary with some couple’s portraits in Erie PA.

photo of coffee from Ember + Forge in Erie PA

Couple’s Portraits in Erie PA for Lacey and Lauren

When I met up with Lacey Dougherty and Lauren Shields in downtown Erie, I quickly learned they were brand new to portrait photography. Both Lacey and Lauren were nervous. Super nervous. Neither one had ever had professional photos taken before. I picked up on their nerves and decided to let the day play out naturally.

I had two locations planned for their couples shoot and thought it would be good to start with getting to know each other. And what better place to get to know each other (and the camera) than in a coffee shop?

couple's portrait from window of Ember + Forge in Erie PA

Ember + Forge Coffee Shop

Ember + Forge is a local Erie coffee shop that also happens to be owned by my good friend and Eerie Roller Girl, Hannah Kirby. Hannah’s mission is to encourage the Erie community to connect over a quality cup of coffee. And that’s just what we did in our time at the coffee shop. This was the perfect location to chat and enjoy each other’s company. I learned that Lacey and Lauren were introduced to each other by mutual friends. We were also able to check out some of the art displayed inside. And I, of course, snapped quite a few photos.

Ember and Forge is located in a building whose history led to the coffee shop’s name. In the past, the building had been a chandlery that made and sold candles. In our time at Ember + Forge, I picked up on the imagery of an idling ember on the edge of becoming a powerful fire. It seemed to match the energy of Lacey and Lauren who were gradually becoming less nervous and more comfortable with a camera around. And so we forged ahead.

couple's portrait leaving Ember + Forge in Erie PA

Perry’s Square

After we got to know each other over coffee, Lacey and Lauren were ready to take their caffeine-fueled energy outside. Our second stop was just a few blocks away at Perry’s Square in Downtown Erie.

Couple hug and kiss at Perry Square during couple's portraits session in Erie PA

I love the vibe of Perry’s Square. A lot of people come to relax, hang out, and enjoy the fountain. As we wandered around the square, Lacey and Lauren were able just to relax and be themselves. They both had begun to calm their nerves and enjoy themselves and the day.

Couple watch the fountain in Perry Square during couple's session in Erie PA

After wrapping up the session, I thanked Lacey and Lauren for letting me be a part of their anniversary celebration. I recognized that they were really nervous at the beginning but appreciated how they had forged ahead and didn’t let their nerves get the best of them.

Couple snuggles under blanket during couple's portrait session in Erie PA

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